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Team Development

There are only few achievements that are the result of one person’s work. Sometimes it can appear that we have achieved something on our own but then we have most certainly forgot that at one point in the process somebody gave us an important comment, that the information somebody gave us influenced our decision, that somebody did “just a small part” of something… If we move among the people and work with people then all our achievements are the results of cooperation with others. The only difference is whether we are aware of that and whether we enter the cooperation conscientiously knowing that anybody could contribute if involved in the right way, for the right topics, and in the right time.

Team development is one of our favourite topics.

With the help of the methods and tools that we are using we are able to:

• Assess the way your team works, and its strengths and weaknesses

• • Directly and precisely connect the results of your team a with the ways of their everyday team work

• Build trust, understanding and constructive communication among team members

• Point to synergy work of the teams and the ways how to reach it

With this approach we directly influence result improvement, increase the level of satisfaction and level of every employees’ engagement in the work of their team and in the work of the company as a whole.


ProConsulting was founded in 2004. aiming at supporting its clients in organisational, leadership and team development. Our key business strategy is to provide high quality service focusing on developmental projects.In order to provide such high level service we decided that our business model should be gathering free lance consultants, proven experts in the respective fields, who are project based organized. Our competitive advantage is in consultants’ expertise, experience in vide veriety of industries and high level of flexibility in addressing clients needs.