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Organizational Development

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is always a complex since development of organizations is never linear. Also the organizational development is a constant process and it doesn’t end with one project.

Where to start? There are no rules and it’s important to understand the situation in which your company is, destination where it’s heading and goals that are to be achieved on that journey. There were more than few situations when we worked with clients having only one element to start with – current state, and where the first steps were exactly identification of the destination and defining the goals.

Organizational development in itself contains the elements of system development along with elements of employees’ development. It is also dependant on the cultural issues. They influence each other and that fact influences the process of organizational development in a way that it has to be conducted in iterations. It’s very likely that once defined organizational structure or processes are going to be revised as soon as the first business cycle is done since company management now equipped with new knowledge and skills but also with experience from one finished cycle will have new ideas how to improve their organization. Also, employees’ developmental goals defined in the beginning will now be observed from a new perspective of real experience and will be revised to suit business needs better.

Our primary consultancy work in this area is to start, lead and finish the process of organizational development in one cycle together with the client, and to train and empower our client to do the same thing by himself in the following cycles with occasional consultancy with us. Our success on such projects is measured among other things by the degree of client’s independence after the project to further lead the development of the organization.


ProConsulting was founded in 2004. aiming at supporting its clients in organisational, leadership and team development. Our key business strategy is to provide high quality service focusing on developmental projects.In order to provide such high level service we decided that our business model should be gathering free lance consultants, proven experts in the respective fields, who are project based organized. Our competitive advantage is in consultants’ expertise, experience in vide veriety of industries and high level of flexibility in addressing clients needs.