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Leadership Development

When we speak about leadership development we are referring to parallel development of both leadership and management realizing that both dimensions are necessary for the functioning of the business and it is important that anyone managing people has both qualities.

What is the difference between management and leadership? This question is raised daily and it can be answered in many different ways. The most significant difference between manager and leader is in the way they motivate people who work for them and that sets the frame for almost all other aspects of what they do.

Most of us are both leaders and managers. We have managerial jobs, but we have come to realize that by using strictly managerial tools we cannot win the person to go that “extra mile”. Being a manger and not being a leader or vice versa does not produce long-term results. In both cases people will stop doing their job the way you expected them to – in the first case because they don’t feel appreciated and in the second because they don’t know how.

When working on management development we focus on development of the competences of planning, organization, goal setting, monitoring, and result appraisal.

By developing leadership competences we work on vision, values, motivation, affirmation, communication, feedback, and on building the sense of belonging and purpose.

Here are some topics for comparison of leadership and management. Observe them as complementary and if at any point you find one side more appealing than the other think for a moment what would happen in the long run if there was not for the other side to balance the things out.


ProConsulting was founded in 2004. aiming at supporting its clients in organisational, leadership and team development. Our key business strategy is to provide high quality service focusing on developmental projects.In order to provide such high level service we decided that our business model should be gathering free lance consultants, proven experts in the respective fields, who are project based organized. Our competitive advantage is in consultants’ expertise, experience in vide veriety of industries and high level of flexibility in addressing clients needs.