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COACHING has been talked about, discussed, and written about a lot in the last few years. In the business context it can be defined in few different ways:

- As a relationship between the coach and the client that brings about a new quality to client's work where the client is empowered for independent problem-solving, decision-making or performance

- As a developmental method applied as the method of choice when it is assessed that no additional training is necessary and more individual approach is indicated

- As a culture that values potential of every person believing that everyone has a capacity for problem-solving, decision-making, and performing on his/her own.

For the company itself the value of investing in coaching is that the people who become independent in problem solving or decision making through coaching process in return give higher and sustainable value of the work done.

The following requirements have to be met in order to perform a coaching session in the business context:

1. The client has to be motivated to be guided through the process of problem-solving, decision-making, competence development or performing. Ideally, he/she would actively ask to be coached.

2. Clear coaching goal.

3. Clear relationship of two sides: coach and client.

4. The client needs to poses a minimum theoretical and practical knowledge in the field that is covered by coaching session.

We offer to our clients business coaching on the executive, management or specialist level.

1. Executive coaching

2. Menagement coaching

3. „Performance“ coaching


ProConsulting was founded in 2004. aiming at supporting its clients in organisational, leadership and team development. Our key business strategy is to provide high quality service focusing on developmental projects.In order to provide such high level service we decided that our business model should be gathering free lance consultants, proven experts in the respective fields, who are project based organized. Our competitive advantage is in consultants’ expertise, experience in vide veriety of industries and high level of flexibility in addressing clients needs.