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Business Skills Development

We are able to provide development of the following competences:

1. Communication

2. Leadership

3. “Self-Leadership”

4. Management

5. Team management

6. Change management

7. Performance management

8. Adapting to changes (adaptability)

9. Working in complexity

10. Decision-making

11. Problem-solving

12. Influencing

13. Time management (Personal management)

14. Conducting meetings and participating in meetings

15. Stress management

16. Conflict resolution

17. Presentation skills

18. Interviewing skills for the selection process

19. Train the Trainer (creating and conducting of trainings)

What is common in our experience is that well designed and implemented development of business skills always gives measurable results in the business and ProConsulting is particularly proud of the results we have achieved in our previous work with clients.


ProConsulting was founded in 2004. aiming at supporting its clients in organisational, leadership and team development. Our key business strategy is to provide high quality service focusing on developmental projects.In order to provide such high level service we decided that our business model should be gathering free lance consultants, proven experts in the respective fields, who are project based organized. Our competitive advantage is in consultants’ expertise, experience in vide veriety of industries and high level of flexibility in addressing clients needs.